Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Otway! Posted by Hello
We live in the spectacular Otway region in south eastern Australia. We are surrounded by temperate(cool) rainforest that reaches down to the pristine southern ocean. I forget sometimes, that I live in such an area of great natural beauty, for I am often woken very early in the morning as the log trucks start rolling in their rush to denude it. I made this diptych as a commission for someone who lives on the ocean side of the ridge, and she wanted me to depict the sea, the rockpools which are such a delight in summer and the forest.Tree ferns are very prevalent here so no forest scene would be complete without them. I had forgotten about his work as I did it and then went overseas straight after and found the photos the other day . I wish now I had gotten better photos.I have dyed background fabric and printed with lotus pods and bracken. The treefern is made from silk and stitchng and has been appliqued.

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