I have a range of different techniques, that can be run over 1-2 days and multiple skill levels.
If you see something you would like to run please contact me via email and tell me which of the
 classes you would like me to teach and to get costs/prices.

Creating Journal Quilts 

Beginner to Advanced, 1 day workshop, some machine skills required. 

Creating journal quilts seems to have become a popular activity however they can be a very effective way to create your own glossary of techniques and imagery. They are useful in working out imagery you might want to work with without committing to a big piece or they can simply be a fun record of experiences and inspirations. This class is designed to get you started and to explore ideas, images and techniques.

Playing with Tifaifai - A Polynesian tradition

Beginner to advanced 1 or 2 day workshop ( work size will vary depending on the number of days chosen)- machine stitching.This class can also be easily combined with Breaking All the Rules.

This method is the subject of my book Tifaifai Renaissance now out of print. The method uses the wonderful Polynesian method of appliqued quilts but using modern inspirations. You can use my designs, which I will draw freehand for you or you can design your own. I will show people how to create their own design.

We will also use a simple colour palette of two contrast colours ( with perhaps a third colour for accent)- the aim is to create an exciting quilt top. The beauty of the method is that if you cut out the positive image carefully you end up with the negative cutout which can also be used. These will be adhered to background fabrics and then layered and then quilted and appliqued all at the same time. A darning foot is essential

Inspiration in Fabrication

Beginner- advanced 2 day workshop, machine stitching

A 2 day workshop designed to make an expressive original quilt top. It is a process class not a technique class although techniques will be discussed and used. Choose an image you enjoy , or a shape or form you would like to play with and we will work from there to discuss design, ideas for interpretation, ideas and techniques which will help develop a quilt from the image.

You will bring fabric to the class which reflects the colours in your chosen image and likewise thread

Print your Own Fabric

1 day workshop, beginner to advanced

This workshop is designed to show participants simple techniques to create individual fabric which can be made at home without great expense. This is a good workshop in conjunction with the dyeing workshop as hand dyed fabrics lend themselves to being printed- however commercial fabrics can also be printed.

Methods include printing with foliage/leaves/seed pods, found objects or anything with a relief surface, linocuts, stamps, bubble wrap, doilies and stencils. I will demonstrate how to make a simple a linocut, and a stencil with plastic contact paper. I will provide a number of lino-cuts and stencils for participants to use in class.

There is a cost of 12 euros for printing inks per participant for the use of printing inks which will include at least one metallic printing ink and a pearlescent ink.

Dye your Own Fabrics 

1 day workshop, beginner to advanced 

 A one day workshop in which cotton fabric is hand dyed and over dyed to create maximum colour effects. We will also look at simple resist techniques to create interesting effects such as scrunching, tieing, and folding. We will discuss colour mixing, but there will not be any gradation dyeing.

Participants will go home with 5-6 metres of hand dyed fabric in lots of different colours. The workshop can be adapted to dye specific colours for particular projects, e.g. sea colours,brights, and even lengths of cloth (though this may entail paying a little bit more for dye depending on the length of cloth). Participants can nominate specific colours they would like to dye.

 There will be a cost of 10 euros per participant for dye and soda ash.

Gypsy Blanket

( 1 or 2 day)- beginner to advanced- free machine stitching

 Create your own gypsy inspired piece with free form layering and stitching The fabrics are layered straight onto the batting, and then with the backing the seams are embellished and the fabrics quilted to create colourful textural effects. All stitching is free machine stitching, or you could use decorative stitched on your machine if preferred.

It is possible to make this a one day workshop by making the quilt smaller and using commercial fabrics such as Bali Hoffmans. If the two day option is chosen we can print fabrics for a small extra cost in order to personalise your fabrics.

 Skills you will learn; colour and line ( incredibly important to create anything with impact) free machine stitching

Travellers' Blanket 

At least 2 days (preferably 4-5 days) - beginner to advanced-hand stitching 

This class explores hand stitching and creating fragments of memory with fabric and stitch. It is inspired by the idea of the silk road and the great travellers ,like Marco Polo who travelled the road in order to source silk, eastern spices and other treasure. If you travelled that road and you could not write but wanted to keep memories of the fabrics and silks you encountered, and wanted to remember the patterns and stitches and wanted to keep warm at the same time- what better way then, to sew fragments onto a blanket- a visual aide de memoire.

The texture is created with simple running stitch and the embroidery on the fragments of fabric likewise employ simple stitches. This piece is about the rhythm of the stitching and to create decorative effects yet keeping things easy. Any kind of stories can be incorporated- you may wish to use scraps of fabric that belong to family, you may use fabrics that have been given to you, you may use findings from the beach and create stitching around that, you may choose a favourite motif. You can use square shapes or round shapes or any other shape that you feel drawn to. You can use the motif in the appliquéd fabric to inspire your embroidery. You will find the blanket starts to dictate the story to you and that is part of the fun of the process.

Breaking All the Rules 

1-2 day, beginner to advanced, machine stitching

 This is a workshop with the aim of completing a quilt top of variable size. (participants can work smaller if desired or make a rectangular top- it is flexible). We will use simply colour contrast- like light/dark, bright/dark, patterned/plain and perhaps use one or two highlight colours.

 The idea is to make a top which suggests geometry but which is created by free machine appliqué or piecing in such a way that nothing meets, and yet it still looks geometric. The choice of method is up to the participant. The finished top has a definite ethnic “feel” or impression - for example adinkra cloth from Africa, or mud cloth form Mali. The second day we will create borders that tell a story to go with the central panel your favourite shapes or the interpretation of a child’s drawing, anything at all.

The appliqué will be free machine appliqué, so a darning foot will be essential. I can provide hand dyed cloth at a cost of 20 euros per metre.

 Skills you will learn; colour balance/contrast free form piecing free maching stitching applique

Transfer Printing and Stitching 

1 or 2 day course , machine stitching

 Transfer printing is a method of getting permanent colour onto materials such as lutradur ( a polyester non-woven fibre), polyester fabrics such as polyester organza and satin. It is great fun and you can be quite painterly or simply use linocuts to create backgrounds with prints. The process allows you to get up to 3 prints, so that a series of work can be created. We also explore cutting back to reveal the material underneath and free machine stitching to embellish your printed fabric

 There will be a cost of 15 euros per participant which includes the lutradur, the use of paints and linocuts and transfer crayons.

 Skills you will learn: Using Transfer paints different techniques for creating effects Free machine stitching colour

Working with Solufix/PrintFuse 

Beginners/Advanced 1 day, machine stitching

 This product and technique is great for making a one-off stitched embroidery of a favourite photo. You will work with a photo which has been printed onto Solufix/Print Fuse (one product is water soluble, the other is not). You will learn tricks of how to work with this product and how to make sure your image will be as close as possible to the original photo.

There will be a cost of 8 euros for the product and printing of the photo

 Skills you will learn; Free machine stitching, Analysing line and form Colour

Linocutting and Printing 

1 day course (beginner to advanced)

You will be creating your own linocut which can be used for printing fabric or paper A class designed to focus on the lino-cutting process and some experimentation with cuts and texture and the commencement of simple designs. It is not possible to cut complex designs in one day. We will discuss design balance and creating more complex designs, negative space and how to use your computer in aiding design and refining We will make prints on cloth, different types of cloth, and look at how to use printed fabrics in projects.

There is a class kit fee which includes the lino, use of tools and printing ink of 15 Euros

Skills you will learn; Use of tools and the marks they make Design and positive/negative balance contrast and mark making for contrast printing on fabric or paper

Machine Quilting the 72 Ways Method 

Beginner to intermediate, 1 day workshop, Machine stitching

 This is a one day workshop exploring free machine appliqué (raw edge) and other free machine techniques to create texture and interest in your quilt. Participants will create several small appliquéd pieces which will incorporate machine appliqué. A sewing machine with a darning foot is essential. An embroidery hoop would also be useful.

 I can provide a kit which will make a small wall hanging of a banksia/poppy (the background will be the size of a fat quarter), with contrasting colour, vliesofix and water soluble plastic at a cost of 15 euros per participant. However some other fabric will also need to be brought.

Trees, trees, trees

Beginner to advanced, 1 day, machine stitching 

 Using raw edge applique you will design your own tree incorporating some of the ideas and stories about trees, such as Trees of Life. You will also quilt your resulting applique. We will look at design considerations and colours to create your very own tree piece!

 This is also a good exercise to practice your free motion skills whilst creating a unique piece. There are so many wonderful trees - there is plenty of inspiration!

Form and variation

Beginner to advanced, 1 day, machine or hand stitching

 We will make a number of small pieces interpreting one source of inspiration for example - A flower, or favourite photo of a window/doorway, anything you find interesting ( the source of inspiration should be simple and not too complex)

We then look at different ways to interpret that source of inspiration, looking at positive/negative balance in your design- the effect of stitch to the overall design, the effect of changing colours,changing scale and angle of interpretation.The idea is to give you some design tools for use in future work.

 For those who are interested in continuing with this on day 2 and doing further exercises this is possible. The example is of hand stitching and playing with dots. I also do a machine version of this class but cannot locate the images for this at present.

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Hello Dijanne
We met you at Bonica de Atauro in November 2017. We are members of Teachers for Timor. We were visiting atauro and Bonica.
Quote from your blog
'I will come back to Australia for AQC in Melbourne to help the Boneca de Atauro ladies showcase their work at a special Invitational stand ( and hopefully sell lots of their work). Depending on how i recover from radiotherapy I will be going to East Timor to help with planning for AQC in early February and I am looking very much forward to working with these talented women again.'when is AQC in Melbourne and where? Can we visit?
We wil be in Timor Leste in April and May - will you still be on Atauro in the time?
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