Monday, June 15, 2020

The Wild Fantastical Sea

I have been working on sea things these last couple of weeks as well as doing some stitching on paper ( a book Without Words) - these times have been challenging indeed in so many ways, so much so that a lot of the time I find it difficult to express how I am feeling- so stitching soothes. I thought I would make great leaps and bounds on my One World Traveller's Blanket- but no the book Without Words is calling instead.

I wanted to share my "Fantastical Sea" work book. I will keep adding to it, but it all takes time, and even though I  have time.... I seem to  do less than I thought I would.
The workbook is inspired by visits to Atauro Island, the Aquarium at La Rochelle and Woodside Beach not far from Morwell. The more you look at the creatures and plants the more fantastic they seem, such shapes and colours and alternative intelligence.

Lots of ideas that need translation and playing around with. I do like to create workbooks as it forces me to look and to really study what I see- to create lines and forms to translate into linocuts. Plus it documents what I am doing. At present I am reading "The Sea Around Us"  by Rachel Carson ( the author of Silent Spring which was a catalyst for the environmental movement) and though some information is dated  it is still fascinating. I  often do not work in a lot of colour in my workbook, possibly because I look for lines to make linocuts and colour tends to blur that a little. I have also started printing with different colours on the one piece of fabric.

Pieces like this are for sale for $45 AUS inclusive of postage- pieces measure  approx 45 cm x 37 cm and have been printed on hand dyed fabric. Each one is unique in that I have changed around the elements. If you are interested please email me and I can send you details on how to pay.