Thursday, September 25, 2008


Why does Venezia exude its charm in such way, that no matter the hordes of tourists, no matter the soaring temperature, no matter the restaurant prices, that you still love the place? It is without doubt one of the special places in the world, a place that lives in mind and creates its own stories and intrigues.If you look carefully you will see that in the silver thing from the gondola ( what are they called?) is a window with a person looking out....
And I did finish stitching all the squares and quilting of the squares of my travellers blanket. I decided not to finish the edges ( time defeated me to some etxent) but also after someone said to me if you finish it entirley than will your travels be finished as well? A good question and one that made me decide I wanted to leave this blanket unfinished!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dyeing Class in the Savoie

We went to Venice during the week.It was hot and sticky and crawling with tourists, but still wonderful.It is such a magical place and I would love to share a photo but I can't load them.Oh and next week wewill go to Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork in Ste Marie aux Mines- so hope to catch up with some friends there! You will also find me some of the time at the Trapsuutjies stand in the Centre Commerciale.

There are still some spaces in a dyeing workshop I am doing on Sunday ( Septe 14)near St Pierre d'Albigny in case anyone is interested- here are the french details:
*Cours de teinture tissu*_
Dimanche 14 septembre à Montmélian ou salle de l'association Art et
Création Manual, 2 rue Dr Veyrat. C'est l'ancienne école, dessous les
côut 50€ +10€ pour les teintures etc + 5€ pour le salle = *65€ total. *
Pour plus d'info ou tél. 06 66 40 56 24 et mon blog

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I would post a photo but unfortunately at the internet cafe I am at, I cannot load photos. But just wanted to mention that my exhibition Caravanserai is now installed at:
Quilt Et Textilkunst
Christine Koehne
Sebastiansplatz 4
80331 Muenchen

The exhibition will run until 26 September.I wanted four more quilts but I could not manage it, but as the exhibition has been invited to be shown in Australia in February 2009 at the AQC I will make the quilts I had planned. I finished the stitching on the travellers blanket and decided to leave the edges unfinished- scarey but I did like the way it looked when it was hung.

I am now staying in a mountain village in Switzerland-Agra - just behind Lugano, which is a delightful place, alas all my Italian seems to have deserted me.