Sunday, August 21, 2011

Slowly Getting the Working Cap Back On

Life has been hectic . The course I am doing in Graphic Design and Print is keeping my very busy- have to do lots of homework so i can remember what to do- the young  ones in my class find it all easy, but  I am slowly getting the hang of it. It does not leave much time for other things and i came back from Europe a bit flat in terms of inspiration.

I did do some dyeing on Friday and was very happy with this piece of dyed fabric.I have dyed forest fabric in ages- I really like the blue at the bottom it reminds me of  a pond. Anyway it got me thinking about the fabric i want to make for the poppy quilt I have to make so  after this post I will be trying out my ideas and see if it works and then finally I might get going on  the poppy quilt!

Then yesterday i was guest speaker at Geelong Patchworkers and Quilters Guild at their AGM- somehow I walked out of the meeting as Vice President- with an earmark for President next year. I would really like to see some exciting things happen and enthuse everybody from the traditional patchworker to the  textile artists- got to brainstorm some ideas for being a vibrant  community that others want to be a part of.Alas i won't be at the annual exhibition as I will be heading off to Prague as guest artist at Art Textil

And whilst I have not blogged for a week or two, my article for Quilting Arts in Stitches has been published so that was exciting- my first foray into an American publication. You can see parts of  the magazine by following the link 

And the travellers blanket class has started- already some wonderful ideas being played with and some wonderful stories by people from all over the world.It always amazes me that  you can make so many connections with the internet . I don't think I would be doing what i do without the internet!

And I have the thinking cap on for the next evolution of Sentinelles- I want to make a new  stencil - vary the form and patterning and have them be about ideas- a world of ideas- like the muses. Whilst the internet has opened so many doors we also seem to be losing connections with the past because everything is so fast and without a past it is difficult to connect to the future- or anyway that is one of my thoughts.When I sit and hand stitch on my travellers blanket I have time to sit and think- and I really  am enthused actually passionate about books and ideas. I read an excellent book by Alan Loney entitled The Printing of a Masterpiece last week that has me all fired up about book making again.His book is about the decisions he made in  typesetting the book and its layout- dry subject matter in a sense- but the wow factor came from his passion for what he was creating and his  involvement in the whole process- he was completely immersed in the project and  his passion and the content  informed  his  choices and led to new ideas .It was a wonderful insight into one man thinking about his book which was quotes from Leonardo da Vinci about nothingness that he was making into somethingness.I like the idea of somethingness.....

Ohh and the next photo is simply because I love the shapes of the leaves of the plant.Not the most wonderful photo i know but  this plant is just so well you want to touch it and stroke the leaves.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Tie Dyed and Procrastination

I have tie dyed some of the khadi fabric I have for a customer order- I was really pleased how this piece turned out  and the customer really liked it too!and could see it making a fabulous jacket or quilt. The khadi takes the dye beautifully as well.
And I have been in procrastination mode. I need to make a quilt incorporating poppies for a little girl-I have dyed some fabrics to try and get the right colours but am still not sure if they are exactly right.It's been awhile since I have done some dyeing as I have lived in rented houses and I worry about causing stains and until recently the weather has been too horrible to do it outside.
There will be green going into the mix as well and I am still thinking about what kind of border I will make- it will be a two sided border- will   i make a linocut of poppies or do a gocco print.

I have had more car troubles- this time the clutch, and I was lucky the gear box was not damaged- I can't believe how much this car has cost me in the last month, which means a lot  less money  to put towards the book I intend to write and self publish sigh......

School has been busy- I am learning lots but I am so slow compared to the young ones who just seem to know all this stuff. Still I am learning and it's quite different being with people all the time- working at home is fine but the downside is that you don't have a lot of interaction with other people.

I have also finally  tidied up the sun room ( after lending some furniture to a friend as it would not fit in the house) and I now have a good light workspace ( although it's not well insulated which is a bit of a problem when it's cold and hot)- but as such there is space to do some regular workshops from home. If you are interested in  learning some new things or develop your work or ideas let me know and I will work out a schedule. Cost will be $60 for a day session ( 9.30-4.00pm) which will include lunch and tea/coffee. Groups will be small as I don't have lots of space.I am also thinking that we could work towards an exhibition of sorts.