Monday, April 22, 2013

Quilts en Beaujolais

 Part of my stand at Quilts and Beaujolais- all the ladies and knights and madonnas in one place.
 Ladies and knights kits- are available to buy just email me!

 Gillian Travis with her colourful work inspired by travels

Bergen Rose- safely back with her work!

Some of Alison Holt's beautiful embroideries.

Safe to say quite a few new friends made, old friendships renewed, some brainstorming and ideas sparking , and refuelled a bit!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Firenze, Printmaking and Quilts en Beaujolais

What a week.It is not often I actually get to do a workshop, so  to do a workshop was a treat but to do it in Firenze at the Il Bisonte printmaking school/studio was a double treat, but wait there is more, because for three mornings we had the instruction of  Italian master printmaker Gianni Verna ( classes ran every morning form 9.30 until 1.30 and the whole of Tuesday)- I think the whole week felt a bit like some kind of heaven. My prints left a lot to be desired but I learnt a lot ( thank you Manuel our other instructor and who does not have a website) and I also learnt, that I have to do more of this!It was inspirational being with the other students, most of whom were there to study for the year ( I was the only student there for the week), some had really interesting takes on printmaking and even subject matter. I was so inspired I didn't hardly do anything touristy. Every day I would walk about a kilometre and a half through the old part of Firenze to get to the studio- it was enough.
 Gianni Verna discussing printmaking with more than one colour- it was all in Italian- I did understand some of it- but it is graphic arts and pictures do speak a thousand words!
 Il Bisonte is situated  on the other side of the Arno River to most of the tourist attractions in Firenze so every morning I would walk, along one bridge further from the Ponte Vecchio.
 Every morning past the Duomo.....
 The iron work on gates and above windows and doors was wonderful.
 And one day after we finished the morning I went for a walk to find the Pitti Palace, got hopelessly lost and walked up a hill and ended up in the countryside ( almost)- it was quite a walk and I did find the Pitti Palace on the way back but decided to keep walking.
 My attempt at carving wood- I learnt the grain does not always play nice, that I will need  more tools and  I need to do more of this.
 My finished prints ( which will have to be sent to Oz as they did not dry in time) using two colours.
And spring has sprung! Today I head off to Quilts en Beaujolais to hang my new work . And is anyone out there able to give me a lift  on Sunday evneing after Quilts en Beaujolais finishes to Evry or Soissy Sur Seine?

Oh and don't forget I am starting another On-line Lino-cutting class starting 13 May- please email me if you are interested.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Last Few Days

I have been pretty exhausted since arriving in Europe- tried to get so much done before I left and there was only so much time, and then I have to spend time with family too, and the last minute things. My first teaching was at Oderzo not far from Venice. I had toyed with taking the night train, but flying and staying in a hotel was cheaper than the overnight train. So I took my dollies on a stroll around Venice and tried to take photos of them in some iconic locations.....

Yesterday I took the train to Firenze and found the hotel I had booked quite easily- it appears that Firenze is much more affected by the economic crisis than Venice with all but one of the bookstores shut down- even the hotels are  more reasonably prices though I am sharing a bathroom and that always lowers the price. I have enrolled in a course at Il Bisonte to make a woodcut and do some printing on paper- a wish/dream for a long time ( doing a woodblock cutting course) and suddenly the timing was right- I did miss the first day but today we work from 9.30 until 6.30. I walked over there yesterday to see where I had to go and found that Firenze is much smaller than I remembered or maybe I just walk more these days. Anyway I am so looking forward to the course, it's ages since I have done a workshop!

The workshop in Oderzo went well and my hostess Denise from Cuci Service invited me to her house for a meal with her family which was most enjoyable. Most people managed to finish their pieces.