Thursday, February 27, 2014


In Paris with all the  sentinelles and a suitcase that weighed 100 gms under 30 kgs ( the limit of luggage allowance).
Rainy morning so I will be brief as I battle the suitcase.... on  wet and murky streets near Gare du Nord
The grant from Creative Partnerships Australia came through on the eve of my departure- yay the Australian Cultural Fund and Sarah Ricketts.

I got upgraded by Qatar Airways on the Doha Paris leg to Business class- you have won my loyalty yet again ( last time was when they were the only airline not to charge double the normal fare when I suddenly had to return to Oz in 2010 due to a death in the family)

Auriful threads are going to sponsor me whilst in Europe with their Mako 30 threads- I love these threads!
My morning so far:

And my last queen which I managed to finish whilst staying with my mother...

Friday, February 07, 2014

Still Packing

I have finished another  Porte Royale queen and another one is one the way. There are only  5 on the actual portals themselves, plus there is one inside the cathedral in the a downstairs passageway (not sure what to call it really as it is much wider than a passage and leads to the well and further chapels, I suppose aisle might be a better word) I am intrigued how different the faces become when stitched, they really don't look like the  sculptures at all anymore and yet that  is where they have come from and I am using the photographs as a base for the faces. I guess the angle of my camera shot comes into play as it makes the necks look longer than they are.

 To say that I am behind is not an understatement and in the end I can only get done what I can get done. I forgot to reverse this queen....oh well

Whilst packing I found some hand dyed muslin weight fabrics that I had dyed in preparation for a travellers' blanket at some point. They are for sale.They are all slightly different sizes so the prices vary.

This piece is  100  cm x 140 cm . Price is $25 ( AUS) plus postage.SOLD

 This piece is 85 cm x 140 cm. Price is $20 (AUS) plus postage SOLD

 This piece is 115cm x 140 cm Price is $28 (AUS) plus postage.SOLD Email me if you are interested in any of these pieces.

I have also updated my workshop page on my blog. On the page you will see details of a lot of the classes I teach, and I can often combine one or more- flexibility is the key!