Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Traveller's Blanket On-Line Class

 I have had quite a number of requests for information about the Traveller's Blanket class and whether I am running the on-line class again. So I have decided to run the course starting 14 May. You work at your own pace as it is a labour intensive process  but a rewarding one and it will keep your hand busy. if you are interested in joining the class I have an information sheet available. I have also added zoom sessions for Question and Answer- which we do on a fortnightly basis. Just email me for the information sheet which also has payment details.

Life has gotten busy, the da Vinci exhibition is on at the Latrobe Regional Gallery and as I am a volunteer at the gallery there have been quite a lot of school groups through and school holiday activities. I have to say most of the children have been very well behaved and have been interested by the exhibition and the inventiveness of the da Vinci mind. It  has been lovely seeing so many visitors to the gallery- which is a great space for a town this size.

My garden needs a massive amount of work- no sooner have I done one bit than another bit needs doing- I am afraid weeds are winning the battle at present. I have promised myself to get in some radishes, broad beans and lettuce tomorrow and some sweet peas- just wish the couch grass was not so invasive. I made no dig beds- but the couch grass has invaded some of that and all the trees have grown a heap so need good pruning. I wish my budget ran to getting some gardening help as I would really like to make my front garden more productive. I would also like to redo the guttering on the shed and put in a rain water of these days.

I have also been printing some fabric and found a linocut I made some years ago but had never really printed. it is inspired by the window display at Cafe Serpente in Chartres- it is a cafe immediately opposite the Cathedral and has the best collection of enamel coffee pots. It is a seriously lovely window display! I have printed some of them up and they are for sale for $25 inclusive of postage.

I have a number of different colours available- the image above is just one example.

I have not embroidered this one yet- just have not had the time as I have become a bit obsessed with making pods. Still not sure what I shall do with them but at the moment I am feeling the more the merrier. I have also branched out the pods into pomegranates. Each pods takes  about 3 hoursof non stop stitching so it's very labour intensive but the shape is so lovely I can't stop myself!