Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Time seems to be Bent

 A few months ago, one day seemed to just morph into another day without much distinction between the days. But the last month or so has gone crazy busy- or to be exact a bit more like it used to be, it just seems crazy busy. End of March I taught up at Ulladulla at a Slow Stitch Retreat and then last weekend at Amitie in Torquay. It was really strange getting together all the things for a workshop again and I had to write myself a check list. I realise we are incredibly fortunate to be able to do this in Australia at the moment as we anxiously watch what is happening in the rest of the world . Last weekend I taught at Mildura, about an eight hour drive from where I live.

Of course when busyness happens your head also seems full of ideas- I have to write them down, otherwise I forget. I am planning a small exhibition for later in the year and am still mulling exactly what I will do- although I know i want it to be more than things to be hung on the wall. I am wondering if anyone would be interested in coming to Gippsland to do some workshops with me- for example  2-3 day classes? I can access/rent some space to teach at ARC Yinnar which is an artists co-operative which has been refurbished this last year and now also boasts heaters to ward of the winter chill. I would need four participants to make it viable- preferably six. The range of things I teach are on my blog under workshops- but I can put things together to suit you. We can combine linocutting and stitch- or work on a traveller's blanket project  or tifaifai, anything is possible!

I said I had other colours of the coffee pot prints and here is another. It is for sale for $25 inclusive of postage.

I have also been stitching pods and seem to have branched out into pomegranates. I  can see more of these happening ad because a lot of people requested it , I am working on a class to make pods and other  poddie kind of things.

I am surprised how the seed shapes pop so much with just simple stitching through one layer of cloth. I am in the process of creating an on-line class for creating these pods and am playing around with variations.

Last weekend I went to Mildura to teach at Lesley May's Patchwork. I taught linocutting, but unfortunately did not take photos of some fo the great efforts made as my phone was low on power. I am kicking myself I did not spend longer up there, but with a cat it is hard to get away for any length of time, as it was I had to get my daughter to housesit. Next time I go up to Mildura I will spend longer- I love river country- it reminds me a lot of my childhood on a farm near Jerilderie- though Mildura is a thriving lively city. I did make a few quick stops on the way home at lake Tyrrelll , Australia's largest inland salt lake and also to look at some of the silo art.

How weird and wonderful are these little succulents amongst the saltbush?

There is still time to enroll in the Traveller's Blanket on-line class starting on 14 May. Email me for the information sheet or simply enroll. It is a class that lasts eight weeks with fortnightly pdf lessons delivered and with zoom sessions for question and answer. I also create a private Facebook group for discussion. there have been soem wonderful traveller's blankets made in the past!