Thursday, November 18, 2004

From Dyebath to Turtle

From dyebath to pocket art Posted by Hello
I have been abstaining from dyeing because I really must work on the lace I have been making. But I love to dye, and this morning I decided to dye some fabric, wash it , dry it, and it asked for turtles. And my sewing machine which has been playing up because it gets tired of lace as well( that's my excuse) was happy for the first time in days. I always think happy turtles. The back of the turtle has been printed with pearlescent textile ink with a lotus pod, and then freehand appliqued to the background. I dye with Procion MX dyes.

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Anonymous said...

I love the turtle!  The entire piece is stunning.... I especially love the colors in the main fabric, and the textures you've used to represent water.  Outstanding!

Carol Logan Newbill
The Elephant's Child