Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Lace as Narrative

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I have been working on making lace the last week or so and it is going very slowly. I am making 54 squares of "written" lace which reflects upon the physical differences of my Australian childhood as compared to my Dutch childhood.The squares will be set sampler style, with squares of something I have yet to design set in between all the lace squares. I have finished sewing the written squares for my Dutch piece and am now working on the Australian piece. it takes forever- each square takes about 35 minutes and is quite heavily stitched even though it does not look like it. This is also one of the instances where the camera sees more than the eye. When you look at these pieces with the naked eye, it takes a little time for the eye to see the writing- which is the effect I want, but the camera sees it instantly and that is depsite the fact that the romeo is still attached.

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