Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Draped fabric Posted by Hello
Today was a dirth sort of day- blahh, so blah, that I tidied up my workspace and found these pieces of fabric in amongst piles of other fabric that were not nearly so interesting. So now I have hung them off my book case, to have another look at them, to see if I can engender some enthusiasm and think of something new. Spent a good part of the day at a market because some huge bike ride has come through Gellibrand- over 8,000 extra bods in a town that normally boasts less than 200- but the market was an abject failure, no one was into buying anything except food and then it started to rain.And then my dyes did not arrive so I could not even dye some fabric to muster some enthusiasm. Maybe tomorrow. But my middle child spent her first day at High School for orientation and that got the thumbs up!


Anonymous said...


I am looking for fabric (cotton or even wall paper or vinyl) with a tapa design (Tihitian or Samoan, or very similar) similar to the design on the picture frames you have listed for sale. Do you have access to fabric with this type of pattern, or do you have a referral for someone you know who sells or might sell this type of fabric? We are looking to use it to cover a valance for window treatment for a home.

Allen Lawrence....allco2001@yahoo.com

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