Wednesday, November 24, 2004


The hill behind our house Posted by Hello
This is the hill behind our house- and this is the view I have when I walk down the back of our property. I love it when the hill gets that ring of mist around the top, which even happens in summer in the early morning. There is said to be a cave with indigenous markings on it , but it is also said that it has been bulldozed- who knows?Nobody I know has actually seen it. We are lucky because our view of the hill does not show the house that some guy built right on the top. The trees in the middle ground is the Gellibrand River, and the home of a healthy population of platypii ( duck-billed monotremes)- I have never seen any but there are many who have- so one day.....However we do have echidnas ( the only other known monotreme and often called spiny anteater) and I have seen them!

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