Thursday, November 11, 2004

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Homage to Adinkra Cloth Posted by Hello

I am sorry the photos are not as clear as they could be , but I have scanned them off slides. Homage to Adinkra is made in response to the indigo dyed adinkra cloths we encountered at Kano market in Nigeria. These cloths are stamped or painted with resists and then dyed in the indigo. They are wonderful records of stories, as they vary between maker and maker, though some universal symbols are used. Adinkra stamps are made from gourds and stencils are often made from scrap tin .
Masks, was a response to the faces that appear in the hand dyed fabric I make. Collin drew many masks as we traveled and I took one of his drawings of a mask and machine embroidered it. I set the mask blocks with variations of log cabin, as log cabin construction was used by the ancient Egyptians in sewing together the very narrow linen strips they wove to make larger pieces. There is a wonderful mummified cat in the Louvre in Paris where you can clearly see the log cabin style piecing!

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