Monday, November 08, 2004

Kookaburra Feathers

Kookaburra feathers Posted by Hello
We have a resident pair of kookaburras, the largest of the kingfisher family. They have been here since we started living here nearly 8 years ago, and they delight us with their laughter and antics. One of them has gotten very brave and comes very close, and when Collin is digging in the garden he is to be found close by waiting for those tasty morsels of worms or grubs . We have established a very small home use vineyard and a favourite perch is the end posts of the vine trellises. We occasionally get lucky and they drop a feather. These are the feathers we have found over the years, and I have kept them, thinking that one day I will make a quilt inspired by them. Sometimes when I get phone calls people ask me what the noise in the background is- and it is usually the kookaburras or magpies or parrots. Apparently the laughter of the kookaburras was used for the jungle sounds in the early Tarzan movies!

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