Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Painting the papers
After finishing Tropical Rockpools I decided I wanted to try the technique again but with a more defined image in mind, and also to make quite a large quilt. So yesterday when the weather finally decided it would be sunny I painted the cotton with the textile paints from Trapsuutjies- but che disastro I have run out of some of the paint so I couldn't make the piece as big as I had intended. So opted to make a long piece and then set it off with some transfer dyed polyester film panels. The picture above shows the background I painted on fabric and also the tree painted onto papers. I am not sure I shall stick with this image as the picture below shows that perhaps the contrast may not work. I won't know this until tie dye some of the fabrc which I intend to use as a contrast. I have to tie all the ties tonight.Posted by Picasa

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