Tuesday, August 23, 2005



Stitched all day and still I have not finished quilting. I was hoping to have finished by now. Karen asked about polyester film- I have not seen it in Australia ( maybe someone else can enlighten us?) but I bought some in the Netherlands.It is transparent even when you have transfer dyed it, so that it allows the textures and colours of the background fabric to glimmer through. The other thing that I like about it , once stitched it has very much the appearance of a felted surface, not quite as dense but defintetly more fibrous than cotton I have used it on quite a few pieces in the last year and quite like the effect.
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nelly said...

wat een schitterende nieuwe werken, Dijanne. Ik zou ze wel even aan willen raken, maar je bent wel een heel beetje veel ver weg.
Groetjes, Nelly