Sunday, August 21, 2005


Printed banksia pods
I have just printed the banksia pod of which i did the drawing and am feeling like a Happy Little Vegemite at the moment. Now the term Happy Little Vegemite is one of those Australian things that every Aussie worth his salt knows- when I went looking for a definition I stumbled upon an ANU ( Australian National University- where I once studied Arts/Law) site with lots of Australianisms- these are things that have crept into our language and are peculiarly Australian. I found lairy- a favourite word of mine, and then there is fair dinkum of course- the real thing- thought the have derived from latin somehow.Posted by Picasa


Pat's Place said...

Oh, I like the looks of this! How do you use a Riso Screen? I checked the web & it appears to be an Australian/New Zealand product. Please tell us more!
Pat in NJ

Deb R said...

Those pods look like they have mouths and are singing the Happy Little Vegemite song.

Frances said...

I love this fabric and your drawings, thanks for showing the progress it is very interesting,

I see I am not the only person who sees voices, love the idea of singing,laughing and perhaps dancing little pods on sunshine fabric,

I'll go further than Pat, what is a Riso Screen

cfent said...

love the printing! what a wonderful visual image....
great stuff!