Monday, August 22, 2005

Banksia quilt

Banksia quilt
I have assembled the quilt top and started the quilting. The greenish layer is polyester film which I have trimmed away to reveal the painted tree shape. I think I am going to add another colour into the tree contour- a darker one. I expect the colour will change quite a lot depending on the colour thread I use for the quilting which will be quite heavy so that the tree will pop out.

Several people asked me about Riso. It is actually Print Gocco and works in much the same way as thermofaxes- the equipment is not as expensive though the bulbs you use to expose the screens are pricey. It is a system whereby you can create small silk screens for printing- and is very handy and portable and can be used with most textile inks ( but not gutta gold as I discovered) You can also use the system to make cards and business cards. I can make screens up to A3 size but it takes a fair few bulbs to make one this size.Posted by Picasa


Frances said...

thanks for the screen info,

love the way this quilt is going, it gets better and better,

thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

I note you (and other arty quilty people) mention "polyester film" quite often. Just what is it? Does it have a brand name? What effects does it achieve, ie is it simply to add an opaque colour or what? You might like to respond to Scquilters (as you did with the yummy tomato recipes) to save you saying the same thing repeatedly.

As usual, I am just boggled by your work. Banksias are a particular favourite of mine too, although not many or ours are big enough to have cones yet. Trying to find time to do some more "expressive" quilt making, but life keeps getting in the way!
best wishes,
Karen in Coolamon (one of your Wagga Art School participants)