Thursday, August 04, 2005

Stitching today

Long and Narrow

Below I have posted a picture of an journal cover I made last year with free machine stitching and fabric done onto Romeo ( which is available in England). I then stitched onto the yellow hand dyed background.
Today I decided I would make a long and narrow quilt in the style of the ATC things I had been doing and see whether I liked it as a long narrow quilt- after all I can always cut it up if I don't like it! The last few days I have been back and forth to town ( which is 22 kms away, though we live in a small village with a pub and little shop) as Celeste( eldest daughter) is doing her 3rd grade saxophone exam tomorrow. I hope enough practice has been done.....

And it's official now - I am teaching 4 one day classes at Val d'Argent - my classes are now up on their website so here is hoping the classes fill! I shall be taking my hand dyed fabric to sell as well, plus th elino-cut printed panels I do. Lots of work to do before 13 September.

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