Thursday, August 18, 2005

Change of plan

Another banksia cone
I decided today that i was going to change the colours of the work I was auditioning yesterday, which is one of the nice things about using a polyester film overlay- I can colour it any colour I want thereby changing the whole look. So it is going to become much greener- i also want to incorporate banksia pods- the pctures show these lovely sculptural cones. I love these flowers and pods and have many different kinds in my garden, but the cones on this particular bush are the prettiest.

Banksias are also known as banksia men- scarey knobby hairy creatures that were immortalised in the childrens books of May Gibbs called Snugglepot and Cuddle Pie. The stories were much loved when my children were little and I think just about every Australian child would have heard the stories and enjoyed pictures of the delightful creatures May Gibbs conjured up out of our native floraPosted by Picasa

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