Friday, August 19, 2005

Cat in the style of a Japanese Master Woodcutter

Cat in the Style of a Japanese Woodcut

I made this stencil a long time ago - more than 10 years ago and found it again the other day when i was looking for photos. It was inspired by a print by a Japanese master of woodcuts whose name now escapes me and I think I had borrowed the book from the library. A cat is the preferred creature of this house ( and she has bells and mirrors on her collar, to impede her hunting). Her name is Mitsou after the Rainer Maria Rilke short story that was illustrated by Balthus as a teenager( and which little books are out of my buying league), and she is a lilac burmese and a fruitcake cat , but we love her, and she us sometimes, when the heater is on inside.Posted by Picasa

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