Monday, August 08, 2005


Bindiis detail
Yesterday I felt the urge to make a small quilt out of any old fabric I grabbed off the shelf and see whether I could bring it together. It is 19 inches wide and 28 inches long and ended up depicting bindiis ( which I kind of use as a metaphor for my families migration)- as they are the overwhlemign memory of our first year in Australia. It also symbolises the 'prickly' experience of migrating, the pangs of homesickness, the strangeness and the little barbs that occur as you get used to a place and a new language. I started out with the red fabric with the black tie dyed dots. This was actually a failed piece of tie dyeing from some years ago, and I gathered the other fabrics around it. The bindiss are actually printed silk georgette that I had left over form one of my lace pieces.

And a couple of days ago Amy Moreno left a note to say that she had made a link on her blog of mine. So of course I went and looked at Amy's blog and found a treasure trove of childrens books illustrators and writers including Amy's own wonderful work. So if you love children's books and other things check out her blog and website.


Debra said...


What is a bindii??

Elle said...

What a small world! We're both from the same area, but I met Amy Moreno for the 1st time at the SCBWI Conference in Los Angeles!

sharonb said...

eek I remember bindis as a kid as we used to run barefoot all over the district by the end of summer we has thick skin and they could not get through but the start of summer was always painful

Amy C. Moreno said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog, and for your generous comments! I love this blog. Elle..that is very cool (I think it was in VA, not LA)
I'm constantly checking back here. Keep up the wonderful work.