Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And the Winner is???

Ok- there has been 20,000 plus visits- and no they weren't all me as I went out most of this afternoon but the 20,000th visitor has an ISP that is British Telecommunications in Suffolk, city Ipswich- that is all I know- they visited at around 3.40pm eastern standard time- so if this is you,please email me or contact me somehow- and I will be in touch. And I did work on the small quilt which is 23 inches long by 13 inches wide, but it is not finished yet - hence no pics yet.I had hoped to have had at least some pics.


smarcoux said...

HEy Dijanne

I was on around that time but not sure if it was indeed me, I was trying to track down the isp thingys, and the ip could have been routed through ipswich from here but cannot be positive.
Have had a day off today sewing, well trying to get some sewing done .. machine is acting up when trying to do free motion.

Linda said...
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Arja said...

wish I could say my ISP was Ipswich related, but alas. will have to make my own quilts then. strangely I have dropped most of my quilt work and knitting has taken over big time. then again, wool is fiber too. and very enjoyable to work with.