Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another Deadline Met!

The last couple of years I have just about missed every deadline there is to be met. I was busy with my masters and all the travelling I did, and I was involved in several travelling exhibitions so it did not leave much spare time for creating for deadlines. Since being back I have promised myself to meet as many deadlines as possible. So this leaf piece I made for the One Step Further Exhibition, which is an art quilt show here in Victoria. And I made the deadline with a day to spare!. It is not large ( I wanted it to be larger) about 80cm wide by 130 cm long- and I had a hard time photographing it and of course you can't really see that it is transparent. I had trouble sewing the straight lines- makes me wonder how I did it on the large lace pieces- there are a couple of crooked lines on this one.

Today I should start on another piece.... but come on inspiration where are you???

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Valeri said...

Love it! And I like the way the leaves get closer together as they get to the bottom. Wish I could have seen it for real as I'm sure a picture doesn't do it justice.