Monday, August 01, 2005

Gum Tree Sap

Gum tree sap

I got up with the intention of doing a lot, and in the end did very little- dyed one piece of fabric- and otherwise did a lot of procrastinating. Valeri asked about my chickens- I have no idea what kind of chickens they are, all I know is some of them are bantams and the rooster has pretty colours. But I do love to have chickens- the fresh eggs are a delight, and I like waking to the sound of roosters crowing- most people in our village have chickens.

I love the sap of gum trees- the colour of the sap reminds me of amber, and of course it has a strong eucalypt smell. This year the gum trees have 'bled' quite a lot, because we have not had as much rain as usual. Most of Australia has been in drought, and it is really affecting rural people. They have had rains but whilst it is enough to sew the winter crops, it has not really filled the dams.Posted by Picasa

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