Monday, October 08, 2018

Misty Mountain getaway

I have been up at Dorrigo teaching at the Misty Mountain Getaway. Dorrigo is in northern NSW and a sleepy country town  apart from the hive of activity created by the Getaway which is 7 days of  classes with  well known teachers from around the country. The weather has been so so but  rain is desperately needed in these parts.

The tutors are staying just outside of the town and I wake up to the view in the photo in the morning !

The first two days I was here I taught the tifaifai  class and I have to say the participants were all enthusiastic and well skilled so achieved a lot including drafting their own designs. I always love the surprise students get when they lay out their designs.

  A detail of Corrinna's design, she managed to place both the positive and negative.

The peacock feathers are Sandra's design and she also managed to place both the positive and negative and said she would bring in one of these quilted when she comes back later in the week.

The last was Tonia's  design which has a beautiful circular motion happening in the centre design and was all but complete when she left yesterday afternoon.

The township of Dorrigo has quite a few interesting "lifestyle" businesses and also a few mosaics around the town. The photo below adorns the town hall where most of the classes are taking place.

So it will be a busy week. My date for surgery has been set for 17 October, and there is still a lot of things to do before then. After surgery I will not be able to do much for 6 weeks, except stitch and write my new Traveller's Blanket book- so watch this space! At least all the stitching is done.