Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Another Reject

Another Reject
I know I have posted a picture of this quilt before but last week I got the reject letter from Rhythm and Blues , Val d'Argent for this quilt last week. I wished I had saved myself the entry fees, as this is yet another in a long list of rejects for exhibitions going back to about 1999. I am wondering why do I bother, because I can't pretend that it feels great to add yet another reject to the growing list. And each time you question yourself and the validity of the work you are doing.

The trouble is when you teach you do have to show your work so that prospective students can see the work but if you get rejected then the work isn't shown . It is like a Catch 22 really. So what do I do with the quilt now?- it is a little different than my other work but on the other hand I quite like it and the adinkra cloth that I used in the borders and I would not mind doing more work in a similar vein. And then this year has been slow on the selling quilts front. My textile pursuits are my families income- the income is derived from teaching, fabric and printed fabric sales and quilt sales. I do write articles but most of those I do not get paid for, i look upon them as free publicity in a sense, because publicity or advertising does not fit in our very tight budget- so I use my skills in this regard. I have also written a book called Tifaifai Renaissance, but really you don't earn money from writing a book and it has only added to the weight of the luggage that i carry around.

Each rejection brings with it a re-evaluation of what you are doing, where are you going, and I must admit the last week has seen me down in the doldrums- just as well I HAD to work on the Across Australia quilt- because things don't exactly look bright on the income front. How do other artists cope? .Posted by Picasa


cheryl said...

I love this quilt, and though that's not much consolation as I ahve no money either don't give up Dijanne, you have great talent.

Frances said...

I can only second Cheryl's comment,

over here in the UK recent stats have shown sales down on last year, I am open to sell to tourists but there are not many tourists around so I have sold little,

agree about the cost of advertising and when doing accounts found it did not bring in the promised trade and was not worth the money so I refuse to waste money again,

I have never entered a competion so think you are brave to do so,
on QA recently the thread was on jugdes choices and there seems to be little rhyme or reason to their choice,

good luck with the coming exhibition, your work is wonderful,

Nicky said...

I think that your quilt being rejected is their loss not yours. You are incredibly talented and please don't give up - your work is fabulous - we are all behind you on this one. No-one likes rejection but then history is full of really talented people who were rejected for whatever reason. Regarding income, I am afraid I am not as brave as you and I have a full-time job working in something completely textile unrelated with the goal of giving that up one day in favour of textile art. Perhaps you need to re-think you marketing strategy in reaching the right customers? Just a suggestion.

Karoda said...

I have to echo the sentiment that its the show's loss for sure! I find you work incredibly unique and if I could, would jump at the opportunity to be a student in your workshops! An the question you posed about artist's making a living through their art is an ancient one that has stood the test of time...the answer, I believe, is always in the making, figuratively and literally. ~sighing~

Anonymous said...

Dijanne your work is so beautiful and you are so talented. Have you thought about doing "workshops on the web" or producing CD's. I know I would love to take classes from you, but I do not travel to the same area you teach. Wishing you the best, Jeannie

Anonymous said...

Though not a member of this quilt ring, I am a quilter, and I am impressed by your work. I encourage you to keep up the wonderful work, as it is very interesting.

Scrapmaker said...

I always read your blog and come away inspired and motivated by your incredible fabric art. Have you considered selling any of your designs to fabric manufacturers, or would that compromise yor pricipals of "one of a kind"? Jane Sassaman comes to mind as just one of many artists who have found a way to go "commercial" but still make art. I don't personally have any experience in this arena, but your designs are so so wonderful I can't help but think there would be a market here. Jen

Elle said...

I think this is a beautiful quilt. It's truly their loss...

Anonymous said...


Us ordinary folk cope with such dents in the ego by consoling ourselves that even fabulous artists like you get rejected sometimes. Perhaps you are a bit ahead of your time, and the critics will realise soon enough. Hang in there!!


Linda said...

Life's hard enough without an undeserved kicked in the teeth! Re: "The trouble is when you teach you do have to show your work so that prospective students can see the work "- it may not be the same in Australia but I can think of several 'names' in the UK who are in demand as teachers who haven't recently entered juried shows. You write well - articles in magazines, the web, non-juried shows (I know that the pieces in Quiltfest at Llangollen raised a lot of interest locally.) are all means of advertising.
Take a look at your work schedule - has this tailed off in direct proportion to your rejections, I suspect not. Give yourself a break, the jurers may not appreciate your work at the moment but we obvioulsy do!

smarcoux said...

My mentor, my friend you are truly an artist as you know in your heart. As if I havent told you enough times as well LOL.
I need you to read this piece which will hit home for you on the rejection piece. I found this linked from Fibremania, I believe a friend of hers. This piece so powerful ,have a look.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dijanne, I know it must be very hard when quilts are rejected, especially when sales are slow at the same time but you are truly talented and I am sure that things must improve again. You are a great teacher and I find your Blog truly inspiring, hang in there
best wishes,