Monday, January 11, 2010

Some more Linocuts and le Triadou

The first image is the view from our bedroom window towards some of the rocky mountains/outcrops. You can still see hints of snow that fell yesterday.Sorry about the flywire- I will try and get better photos in the next few days!

The second image is an adinkra symbol on printed cloth that my friend Liwanag had ( she lived in Sengal and Ivory Coast, so has many of the wax printed West African fabris)- the other half is a linocut I made of the symbol shape. Each of the adinkra  symbols have a meaning- this one is called Gye Nyame- except for God and is a Ghanian symbol.

The last image is of a rose lino-cut I made. I am not sure it looks like a rose really- it  seems to also look like a peonie.There are stil places in my on-line linocutting course if you ar einterested- it starts on 25 January.

1 comment:

ina said...

it looks like a peonie too ( in Dutch we call it "pioenroos". looking forward for the KISS project.