Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Lino-Cutting On-Line course

This is the cover of a 1930 book on Textiles given to me by my friend Christine Moulin.I love old textile books and even though the pictures are in black and white it often gives you good clues as to balance in the design of the textile. I am trying to get myself organised to get down to some serious work- the KISS challenge which now numbers over 50 participants and my next on-line Lino Cutting course which will commence on 25 January 2010.

The course consists of 3 lessons with numerous exercises delivered at 2 week intervals with the idea of starting simply and developing more complex designs. The course has been geared for printing on fabric but the designs could equally be printed on paper. it takes you through the proces of creating a lino-cut, creating designs for lino-cut, using your photos to create prints and creating prints of more than one colour . The cost of the course is 40 Euros ( $56US) and I can be paid via paypal just email me!
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leilani said...

Hi Dijanne!

I'm loving your blog (just discovered it a week or so ago) and am very interested in the lino cut workshop. However, I have a huge commitment with a mid March deadline and simply cannot add one more thing to my plate until after mid-March. This is a very long preamble to asking you if you will be offering this again? I hopw so!

PAMELA said...

Please would you advise the price in AUS$ for your on-line course?
Pamela in Sydney

Kaylene said...

Hi Dijanne,

This is a question related to KISS I am doing a piece that is a crayon rubbing (brown)on muslin that is backed onto a cream blanket. There is another colour in the scheme as I had basted the rubbing onto a brown fabric.

Have I overstepped the rules of colour?

I am using your pack of threads that you had for sale before your move, love them.



Hanneke said...

hi Dijanne, your course has been recommended to me by Sarah Anne Smith and I would love to follow it but am finishing my c&g course this summer so have no time till then -if it is an online course can I sign up anytime for it after the start date or will it only be available for a short time??
I live in the wilds of North Yorkshire so online courses are a God send
-ps and I love your work BTW I am half utch and have spent the last 30 years in Holland, Nigeria, Oman and Brunei and you inspire me to do more with my experiences!!