Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The photos don't really do these little bags justice- they start as a square which is then quilted. the pink one is quilted by hand and the cream one has been quilted with Aurifil Lana thread ( this is pure wool thread- I like it a lot!)- and then you stitch the sides of the square and you sort of create triangular sides- then add straps and voila a bag. I like the shape of them and because my friend will be teaching them to women whose sewing skills vary, it is quite easy to construct and can be hand quilted. I am in the process of making myself one as well!

The other photo is another image of Les Matelles- I love arched doorways and want to make a linocut of one of the images I took ( if you are interested in the lino-cutting course there are still some vacancies before our 25 January start)

Is there any other things that anyone would be interested in learning from me on-line? Just give me some ideas if you are and then I can put on the thinking cap and maybe devise a course!
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Arashi said...

i recall you talking several times about how you design or doodle with a pen and paper. i'd love it if you coukld decvisde a short obnline course abouit designingn withn line. this could enhance thed linocut classl. lineasr design is something seldxom tayght and it could be useful in so many ways to many of us.


Anonymous said...

I really like the bags. How large are they?

Banaghaisge said...

Please keep adding photos of your village and surrounds. LOVE the view from your bedroom!!
The bags are very cute, they are made like those chook pincushions, aren't they? They do look great.
Hugs, Jasmine

Penny said...

I have bee enjoying your trip and great photos.I have had such fun since doing your lino cut course, a new window opened.
The bags look really nice, simple and rather elegant.

valentine sms said...

i have no idea about it

Kristin L said...

Those bags look great. Love the drama of the stitching. The KISS concept at work.