Friday, January 08, 2010

Fante Cloth and Workshops near Cologne (Keulen)

I still haven't started working though the studio space downstairs is getting cleared! Slowly we are settling into life at Le Triadou!

First things first. Southern lands- and exhibition showcasing the work of  5 Australian and one New Zealand artist will be shown at the Atelier of Juliette Eckel near Cologne in Germany starting in early March of this year. In conjunction with the exhibition I will also be giving workshops on 3-4 march ( a two day workshop exploring Lutradur  and transfer painting/dyeing) and Saturday 6 March also  exploring Lutradur.Juliette has a great space where we can work. If you are interested please contact Juliette via the link Ihave given to her website. please also take time to explore Juliette's website as she makes wonderful work with lots of printing

The above photos are of a reproduction fante cloth denoting the kings of Benin. it was hand made in benin in the traditional fante style. Fante cloths are flags made to commemorate kings and events. They ar ehand appliqued and embroidered.

I also am unable to take any more takers for the Kiss project- it  has tunred into quite a substantial project and if everyone delivers we will have plenty of things to exhibit and realy can't take any more.

I am still taking registrations for my on-lino linocut courses. have just found a fabulours engraver from the eraly sixteenth century, Lucas  de Leyde, in a 1966 catlogue of european engravings ( don't you love othe rpeople's bookshelves for the treasures they contain!) which has me all inspired again.


Unknown said...

Tell more about the engraver!

Thank you so much for introducing me to lino printing.

So many people are saying to me "Oh! I did that at school! Who thinks that's art!"

Then they see what I am making.

I'm starting to think that I can be an artist - I now know I can draw and I can paint - just because you gave me the courage to pick up a tool I'd never used and I started to create!

Ta so much.


patstudio said...

woohoo. i am so glad that i got my bid in early early for the kiss project....

Monique 78 said...

Thanks for posting. I hope to have soon some pics of your new settling in Le Triadou; I understand you've managed to have a studio...!!
I've carved some lino and tomorrow I'll print.

Frances said...

hello Dijanne

I'm pleased to read you are settling in now, it will be wonderful for you to have a studio to work in,

I e mailed you last week I hope you got my e mail,

take care Frances

aykayem said...

I am sure there will be at least some who said yes to the KISS thingy but don't have time to actually do it
... says I who have not even started my thingy for it yet - lol (but I am one of those "last minute" type people so I am sure I will get there ... in fact I will probably start as soon as the right bit of background fabric jumps out at me while I am trying to find my sewing room under all the mess - lol)

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