Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Lino-cut Printing and St Martin de Londres

I went and looked at another little town not far from here- St Martin de Londres. This eglise was in the  central part of the old village and the archways must once have formed part of the cloisters for the eglise. Unfortunately the church was not open. I imagine it muct be busy in summer but I saw hardly a soul as I walked around.

I love these giant pans of paella that they have everywhere- this one I passed this morning at the market at St Gely du Fesc. It was very tempting but I only took a photo instead.

This linocut is of the sarimanok- a symbol of good luck in the Southern Phillipines- I printed these panels to be used for my friends project she is working on in the Phillipines- the panels are of a size to make bags.
This bird panel was inspired by a series of cards created by Wiener Werkstatte artist Ugo Zovetti- the form is the same but I have changed detail. I am pleased with both lino-cuts as I seem to be finally able to get finer detail into my lino-cutting- things do improve with practice!. I now have three birds all of the same size- maybe I shall make them into a little book.


Robbie said...

love the lino cuts!! Can't wait to see them printed!!! You certainly did get the detail to make them just 'zing'!!!

Penny said...

I agree these lino cuts are great, the detail is fantastic, wish my eyes would let me do something like that.

Chris said...

So effective, Dijanne - balance beuatifully with line and texture - they really move.

Judy said...

those lino cuts are fantastic!

Sildenafil said...

Awesome pictures, pus the food looks so delicious.

Unknown said...

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