Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reconsidering Dreams

These are two pieces of Kuba cloth- relatively recent as the raffia is not so finely woven and the embroidered detail is fairly loose. I love Kuba cloth for its simple repeated forms which seems to have a myriad of variations and its very abstract impression. Someone pointed out recently that kuba cloth is always  about right angles- although the bottom cloth seems to have just some dots. The tie dyed raffia on the edge of the bottom piece as lovely!

I may have to give up my desire to live in France- my youngest who is at school here is not likely to cut the grade with her French and is a langauage short as well ( apart from English they also do either Spanish or German in the middle years- it's actually quite a sad refflection on Australian education that we minimise langauages). it has left me in a quandary as to what now?? We will stay until at least June- that way she will have attended school here, picked up some french and not missed too much Australian school. I am also wondering about education in England? Any advice would be much appreciated.


The WestCountryBuddha said...

There's lots of people over here that you know and could probably give you advice on the education system and other things you need to know. If they can't, I'd be more than happy to help...find out stuff etc., just email if you want :)

One of the immediate pluses is the language; you only need one other which in your daughter's case would now be french? Handy.

Kristin L said...

Does it make any sense considering your Dutch ties to look there? You'd still be within a train ride of France, although I know nothing about the schooling there.

Paulene said...

Dijanne, here in the UK in most secondary (11 - 18) schools it is only compulsory to study one language other than English (of course, you can do more). It varies from area to area and also school to school so you should make specific enquiries in the area you are considering moving to. There may be national guidlines but they are interpreted locally. Will also depend on if the school works towards A levels or the International Baccalaureate, which is becoming more popular here.

Chrissieday said...

I would not send any child to school in the UK

Unknown said...

My husband is a recently retired secondry school teacher. If you have any specific questions email me and I'll get him to correspond iwth you with specifics.

artmixter said...

Wonderful cloth.