Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things I found Yesterday

This is a piece of hand dyed shiboried muslin ( the lovely lightweight muslin that I used for the Travellers' Blanket) It measures 1 metre by 1 .2 metres and is for sale for $35 US inclusive of postage.

This is a small piece I found yesterday when we emptied out the tent where a lot of my things had been stored to make way for the slab in the shed etc etc. Only one item was water damged thank goodness. It took quite some work to get it all into the shed. We have decided that my little car , a Nissan Micra, should be renamed the Tardus! Anyway this is one of the smaller Hellfire pieces I used to make- this one is not yet quilted, I think I may do so tomorrow.

Thank you one and all for your very thoughtful replies to my post yesterday- sometimes the writing and reading the responses is a big help in itself- to know that other people have had this dreadful experience , to know how they have dealt with it, and to try and find the best in it, lightened my mood somewhat ( still no work produced however- spent most of the day preparing parcels for shipping on my new book)

And don't forget my new book is available- see the side bar for details of cost etc. Books I shipped last Friday to North America have already arrived there- which is good to know!
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Margaret Cooter said...

Dijanne, I love your hellfire pieces - and treasure the little one I bought from you in Chilford some years ago. Hope you will soon be back in the "working" frame of mind.

jude said...

is the muslin still available?