Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cross Stitch Blocks

In my various travels in the Middle East I have bought textile inspired things or been given them. The wall hanging is from the tentmakers in Cairo Egypt, and I liked this particular man's work because of the embroidery touches on the birds- none of the other tent makers seemed to do this. I have also bought various boxes- some in Syria and some cedar ones in Morocco many years ago- and the little cross stitch blocks were a gift from one of my students from Oman where she had bought them in the market place. So this is my little middle eastern inspired corner.

I have been thinking about the good things that have happened in this last year, it has been all too easy to get lost in the bad things, and also thinking about plans for the next couple of years.

So in the good things category are:

We have found a house to live in- which suits us better than our last one.
My friend Audrey had a healthy lovely baby boy, Eli
It is possible to have a vegie patch here- yay!
We have enjoyed decorating our new house
I had a solo exhibition in Munich at Textil und Kunst
I was also invited to exhibit in Turnhout Belgium in a lovely old hofkje
I was invited by Susan Lenz to be part of an invitational international exhibition in the US which opens in January (details below)
I was invited to exhibit my Carvanserai exhibition at AQC in Melbourne in late Feb.
I co-ordinated the Australian part of the My Place exhibition which also be shown at AQC
I co-wrote a book with Marion Barnett entitled Lovely Lutradur
I wrote Seventy Two MORE Ways not to Stipple or Meander.

January 8 - 20, 2009

CYBER FYBER, an international exhibition of fiber arts created by Internet connected textile artists, opens at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios on Thursday, January 8, 2009 and runs through January 20th.An opening reception will be held on Friday, January 9 from
5 - 9 PM.

The art exhibit will feature hundreds of fiber cards from over twenty-six countries and 46 states.The work of nineteen internationally known fiber artists will also be on display.

These invited artists include:Dijanne Cevaal, Sharon Boggon, Dale Rollerson, and Doreen Grey and her granddaughter Ebony of Australia; Beate Knappe and Wanda Lenz of Germany; Emmy Schoonbeek and Jacqueline de Jong of the Netherlands; Arlee Barr of Canada; Lynda Monk and Maggie Grey of Great Britain; Annica Lindsten of Sweden; Nikki Wheeler of Washington; Veleta Staffney and Corinne Stubson of Oregon; Penny Sisto of Indiana; Jill Rumoshosky Werner of Kansas; and Susan Sorrell and Susan Lenz of South Carolina.

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