Thursday, December 04, 2008

Poppies, Travellers Medallions and Wongas

I am working on creating small traveller pieces- which I shall call traveller medallions. It was once a practice for travellers in a group on carvanas to wear a medallion to identify to which group they belonged. Caravans were often big for purposes of safety and protection , so the medallions helped not only identify groups but also fellow travellers.

I am delighted to have both traditional poppies and flanders poppies in a small section of the garden here at Wonga Flats. I have always adored Flanders poppies, associating them with a childhood where I used to roam the fields on the small farm where my father worked in the Netherlands and where I would "hollow"out a small hole in the wheat and day dream. The wheat was always laced with flanders poppies and the holes served to protect me from the very strong wind in the North of Holland

And I have decided I am going to have "Wongas" once a month- these will be art and textile days and anybody will be welcome to come and visit at my house ( My house is much bigger these days with more space). The idea is to enthuse and inspire each other. If you want to attend just email me and let me know beforehand.It was once upon a time more common for artists to work and sometimes live together to inspire each other with ideas and methods of working- that is of course not entirely possible here, but I would like to foster this kind of collaboration and inspiration. There will be a small cost ( $5 to cover tea/coffee and a light lunch) and the idea will be to foster creativity. My first one will be Sunday week on 14 December- I know this is close to Christmas, but hey if I don't start it will never happen! The Otways is a lovely region and the house where I live has it's own unique little environment which is sure to offer some inspiration- each day still brings pleasant surprises.

Don't forget I now have my Seventy Two More Ways book available for sale- see my previous blogpsot for prices.

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Clare Wassermann said...

What a great idea - I wish I could pop for a day from England

Anonymous said...

Hello Dijanne,
what a great idea!!!!! I would love to join but from the dutch poppyfields to Australia is a bit too far.
Have fun, i'll think about you on the 14e and maybe i make a wonga myself.

joanlil said...

There must be something in the air - I have been planning to have some "Wongas" too - mine will be called "use it or lose it".

margaret said...

I'll be joining you in spirit on the 14th - setting some time aside to make a "wonga" in London.

Judy said...

Hi! Dijanne,

What a great idea, i too will have to be 'in spirit' on the 14th it's too far to swim Bass Strait I hope it goes well.

Lovely Poppies!

Anonymous said...

spijtig dat je zo ver woont anders zou ik elke maand komen. klaprozen zijn ook altijd mijn favarieten mag ook een boek verzenden groeten