Monday, December 01, 2008

Book is at the Printer!

It is done! Hoorah. The book is at the printer and the books will be ready on Wednesday morning. My daughter helped with the layout so it looks fine apart from the fact that some of my squares weren't perfectly square! We also added directional drawings to give you some idea of how to start each motif. I liked the way the directional drawings looked for the french version of the first book- it balanced the page more nicely.Books can be ordered directly from me.

Anyway it's a relief to have it done and to be working again. I have bought an old ddesk which will hopefully solve my sewing table problem, as the table I worked on for this one was just not big enough and caused me to break a lot of needles because of the drag of the quilt.

Tomorrow I hope to show you some colour- maybe even somethign dyed! I need to paint some silk to prepare for a commission piece.

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Sue Krekorian said...

Congratulations, Dijanne! Will it be costing the same as the prices listed in the side bar for your first book?