Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Page Preview

I thought I would show you a page preview of a page in my new book. And yes I know Xanthereas is spelled with an X and not a Z- I am hoping I opened an older saved version before we did the final edits- otherwise the word is pronounced as if it has a Z.

Pricing is as follows:
Our postage costs seem to be ever increasing - there has been two rises since the beginning of 2007 particularly for print/parcel post overseas. The prices do include airmail shipping which is the fastest method apart from courier of getting the book to you and takes between 7-10 days.
Book: $25.00 AUS
$28.00 US
22 Euros
15 GB
CD: $20.00AUS


Lyn (in Kinglake) said...

Thanks for the sneak preview, Dijanne. I already placed my order yesterday, but this would have sealed it - I love the grass plant design!!

Val said...

I may be stupid but how does one buy these two books?

Anonymous said...

You mean we can order it already????

I'd love a copy! How does one order it???

Lyn (in Kinglake) said...

Valeri, Potrion,
I made my way through the Paypal maze to set up an account. Then I found Dijanne's e-mail address in her profile. I used the "send money" option, entering Dijanne's e-mail address (which PayPal recognised) and I put the details of what the payment was for and my address into the Message box. (Though, I notice on the email that I got back from PayPal that they automatically send my address details from the PayPal account in the message to Dijanne).

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Thanks for that Lyn

I did have a pay now button for Paypal but removed it as is was in Euros and was creating confusion unfortunately- and people from the US were entering that equivalent in euros ( the rates of shipping differ slightly and also to Aus dollar/us dollar relationship is a bit more volatile hence the different rates)

If you are still confused then email me on the link in my profile and I will try and sort it out. Aleternatively I can also send you an invoice again simply request it from me.

Lyn (in Kinglake) said...

Valeri, Potrion,
I was going to add that the PayPal icon is on Dijanne's blog site, but now I can't see it.
It was there on Monday!!
- Lyn.