Friday, April 01, 2005

What to do with icky Brown Fabric

On the washing line
I finally finished tieing this relatively large piece of cotton fabric which was a pretty non-descript brown colour. I also tied two of the damask napkins that i brought back from England one of which I had dyed orange to start with. I am not sure what i am going to use them for yet, but I am sure the muse is hovering and all she needs to do is strike- I am ready, my room is ready even my threads are ready!

It is really warm today about 30 degrees celsius- hard to believe for an April day- but I am not complaining! We had pesto last night made with basil from the garden- if ever there was manna from heaven it has to be pesto!
I bought some more acrylic paints so the kids and I can make some altered books over the holidays and also picked up some board books and larger format kids books to alter. Even if they don't like it I shall! Posted by Hello


Susan Bingham said...

Hey - *you* may not have liked it before (hope you don't mean that you don't like it NOW, post-dying!) but it made me go OOOHHHHH and lean in really close for a good view! Brown is my favorite color though, so I am biased!

Nice work!

Jen said...

Magic! Icky brown transformed! I had not thought too much about transforming old fabric, but I have a roomful of it so that transformation idea appeals to me greatly. Plus, I'm thrifty by nature. Thanks for sharing so much about process, I think I need to experiment some more. Jen

cfent said...

wow ! what a gorgeous piece now!