Wednesday, April 27, 2005


This is another piece of tapa I bought in New Zealand a few years ago. The inclusion of animal shapes seems to be a more recent addition to tapa making, and the pattern on the tail almost loks like a motif you get on greek urns.
I had hopd to place a pic of my Hellfire XVII progress- as the assymetric borders are on and the tie dye is on, but I ran out of time to photograph before it got dark. Had to do that walking !!!!

I have been meaning to post a link for Ozquilt Inc for awhile, as I was involved in the set-up process some years ago, thought the main shaker and mover was Barbara Macey ( who unfortunately does not have a website) and am still a committee member. Barbara was making contemporary quilts of her own invention many years ago, and when I first came to quiltmaking in 1990 her name was usually mentioned in whispered awe. She was the first Australian to have a quilt in Quilt National. Ozquilt is Australia's organisation for contemporary quilters and it has a members gallery that has been juried, as well as a print newsletter.Posted by Hello

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Alison Schwabe said...

Before I read the text I thought Mimbres or Santo Domingo Pueblo NM pottery - the pic features a luminosity and patterning not altogether unlike that SW stuff...