Monday, April 11, 2005

Wall Mural

Grafitti on the wall in Geelong

A couple of weeks ago I was in Geelong photographing a building for Collin, and in trying to get all the angles on the building I came across this wall mural in a little side street. It is not such a great photo as it was hard to get a position which showed its quirkiness but the tower of the building along the pipe was the real building I was trying to photograph- and art deco building one of the few still standing in Geelong.

Am disappearing for 3 days- have to go visit my mother in Gembrook ( the other side of Melbourne) so the kids and I are going to the revamped National Gallery of Victoria for an hour or so, then see if there is anything to enthuse teenagers in Swan Street Richmond ( seconds wharehouse of most fashion design stores) and Ikea. We have nothing like this close to where I live so it will be rush rush race race and I don't like shopping!
So I am taking some hand work with me.
Yesterday was a long day at Tallarook ( and no walk as we left at the crack of dawn) it was 36 degrees celsius- phew that is hot for April! The work of the Zigzags was interesting- they had each done 21, A3 sized pieces ( double legal standard size) and each had explored a technique- so 21 pieces , 21 techniques( as it's main focus though some pieces obviously had more than one technique). Susan Matthews, June Brown and Yvonne Voss are all established artists so this wasn't a raw beginners experimentation with different techniques and materials. It was interesting how they used them and overall I thought some pieces were successful whilst others were less so and did not suit the 'style' of the individual artist. I enjoyed seeing the exhibition but think thematic explorations are more successful- it allows each artists' voice much clearer expression- which goes to show that technique can dwarf the voice - and using more techniques and latest gadgets and materials does not always produce something that sits well with an individual artists work. Having said that, I do think each of the artists would have found one or two ways of working which they might not otherwise have considered.

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