Saturday, April 23, 2005


Looking over my back fence

Debra asked me about dyed fabric I promised to show before I went to England and then didn't- I cannot rememeber the fabric now- sorry. But I did dye some more fabric today trying to make a fabric that was more subtle with greys and ochres to make another hellfire quilt. I will then burn the edges onto what look like tree trunks and go from there. Whilst i was photographing the sun was behind the fabric and backlit it in a lovely way- the fabric of itself is backlit in a way but the actual backlighting made it different.

I also want to say thanks to the people who told me where they had come from, in looking at my blog- and thanks for all the lovely comments as well!

I have devised a little walking circuit on our land ( basically I go around and around trying to do Junott's 10,000 steps- not quite yet there but up to a regular 5 kilometres)- everyone I have told says how boring- but I love looking at minutae and tonight as the sun was going down I had to break the walk and get the camera to show you some of the view from my back fence- it's so peaceful and the light at this time of day is magic- quite different to anywhere else in the world.Sometimes looking at the minutae makes you realise how special a place can be- and I must admit I am getting ideas for more lace.

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Debra said...


Check out Saturday, January 29th in your blog. It's OK if you dont' remember... but that fabric looked so delicious in the dye bath.

How large a circuit is it that you walk?

I usually grab the dogs and walk most days. We have a collection of parks and byways that we like (some year round, some seasonal). So we kind of know where we are going by the day. Most walks are 1.5-3 miles. (or 2.5-almost 5 km). I best like the places where the dogs can go offleash. We all walk along together, but I can pay equal attention to the surrounds.