Thursday, April 14, 2005

My workroom

the left hand side of my workroom

Today was supposed to be a day of loads of work but instead it ended up being a stressful day worrying about what had happened to my work for my masters exhibition which I needed last weekend but still hadn't turned up despite my requesting it since being back. In any case it has been found but I won't have it for a talk I am giving on Saturday and I won't have time to have it properly photographed before I go to Europe in early May- so I am not especially happy about it all.
Also there are some people I email with that I know read the blog- if you haven't heard from me it is because someone in my house managed to disappear my mailbox and address book ( whilst I was away)- so please email me !

I have posted some pictures of my workroom- as you can see it is not a very large space in which to work and is the reason I need a shed/studio- but nothing much is happening on that front. The footings for the shed have gone in, part of the structure has been screwed together, but we need someone to help with putting up the structure- everyone seems to be busy at the moment :-( It is also tidier than usual- I just haven't enough space to put things and I haven't really got an incredibly large fabric stash- just lots of books, journals and other bits and pieces of textile. The back part of the room is covered by bookcases filled with books- and I use it as the design wall by tucking bits of fabric amongst the books. Ohh and it is not hoar frost on the outside of the windows- it's spider webs ( which are rife in the Otways because there are so many flies and well you know the story fo the cow that swallowed the fly etc- I think it was secretly written by an Otways resident)-there used to be a black spider that lived inside the window on the wall actually , I didn't have the heart to disappear it as it used to come out when I was sewing on the machine and kind of sit bouncing on its web as the machien vibrated the wall and its web ( i know this is every acrachnophobics nightmare so I am sorry)- however Collin came into my room and squashed it one day trying to be helpful.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive- at least I know my work that was 3 years in gestation and making has turned up.

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Liz Plummer said...

It's so nice to see someone else's workroom that looks like mine! I use my shelves of fabric as a design wall and tuck them under the piles of fabric - glad to see you do a similar thing! No wall space left for anything like that!

I love reading your blog and looking at your work, by the way - it is awesome. And I've just finished doing the Journal Quilts project with Lily Kerns and your interview on how you approached yours was very helpful. So thank you!