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I decided that i would look at what books were on the shelf above my sewing machine- and yes indeed items fall from time to time as I sew.... So i thought I would share the titles- as you can no doubt see I am besotted by textiles . I don't actually own many quilts books, although I collect catalogues of exhibtions of contemporary quilts whenever I can. I tend to cross the bridge of" how to" on my own which means I often have back to front ways of doing things but it can also mean that sometimes you take that extra leap as you confront the problem with the skills that you have and then have to surmount your lack skills in order to create what you visualise.

On My Bookshelf:I am sorry no ISBN’s unless people are desperate

  1. Contemporary Quilts- by Sandra Meech
  2. Shibori- The Innovative Art of Japanese Resist Dyeing- Yoshiko Wada et al
  3. World Textiles- John Gillow
  4. Au Fil du Desert-( Bedouin tents)- a catalogue
  5. Complex Cloth- Jane Dunnewold
  6. The Ultimate Stencil Book ( over the top stenciling ) –Althea Wilson
  7. Design and Practice for Printed Textiles- Andrea McNamara and Patrick Snelling
  8. Tie Dyed Textiles of India- Veronica Murphy and Rosemary Crill
  9. Andrinople, le Rouge Magnifique-Mulhouse Museum publication
  10. Bonnard- Julian Bell
  11. African Designs- Rebecca Jewel
  12. Australian Colour- Leo Meier
  13. Textiles- The Art Institute of Chicago
  14. Et Avec des Rubans,Qu’est-ce Que Vous Faites- catalogue
  15. Olga Prins Lubanski- catalogue
  16. Sari to Sarong- National gallery of Australia catalogue
  17. Batik- De Ziel van Java- Sukama Jawa
  18. African Textiles- John Picton
  19. Tonga Maori- catalogue
  20. Darkness and Light- William Robinson
  21. Historic Australian Quilts- Annette Gero
  22. Pacific Tapa- Auckland Museum catalogue
  23. Le Boubou Cette Chic- catalogue
  24. Avis Higgs- Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins( an mid forties Australian textile designer)
  25. Craft Arts International #35
  26. Beaux Arts- catalogue
  27. Icoane Romanesti- icons given to me by Georgetta Ina Statescu
  28. Terres et Peuple d’Afrique
  29. European Art Quilts II- catalogue
  30. l’Exposition de Quilts Francaise- catalogue
  31. The Greatest T-Shirt Book- Carol Taylor
  32. Frida- the Biograhpy of Frida Kahlo- Haydn Herrera
  33. Abstract Designs- Amor Fenn ( old book this one!)
  34. Historic Textile Fabrics- Richard Glazer ( another old book)
  35. Patterns From Paradise- Vicky Pogginolli
  36. Tifaifai and Quilts of Polynesia- Joyce Hammond
  37. Bright earth- Phillip Ball
  38. Textiles; A Classification of Technique- Alfred Buhler ( from the Basel Museum)
  39. Feel Free- Husqvarna catalogue ( I am the cover girl!)
  40. Keeping the World Sewing- Husqvarna catalogue
  41. Dans la Luminiere de Giverny- catalogue given to me by Jacqueline Govin owner of an extraordinary collection of catalogues
  42. Quilt Triennale- catalogue
  43. Patterns Book II- Jean Allen
  44. Patterns Book III- Jean Allen
  45. Leslie Gabrielse-Applique. A book about his work
  46. Musee de la Moyen Age- catalogue of the Cluny Museum in Paris
  47. Internationaler Quiltwettbewerb und Quiltaustellung
  48. Karl Blossfeldte
  49. William Dalrymple- City of the Djinns
  50. The Olive Grove- Patrice Newell
  51. The World of Ottoman Art- Micthell Levey
  52. The Diary of Frida Kahlo
  53. European Art Quilts III- catalogue
  54. Fiers Magyars- catalogue ( on Magyar felted coats)
  55. American Art Quilts 2002- catalogue
  56. Landscape and Memory- Simon Schama
  57. Indigenous Australian Art in the National Gallery of Victoria- catalogue
  58. Ethnic Style- Miranda Innes
  59. Islamic Textiles- Patricia Baker

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