Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pig Ugly Fabric

Close-up, yes this really was the piggy ugly fabric....
Let me start by saying - I sure do hope that this is not someone's favourite fabric if it is please do not read what follows, and I do not wish to offend pigs. Like many of us I belong to a couple ( well a few too many actually) lists and when someone on one of the lists I belong to proposed an ugly fabric challenge because he simply could not live any longer with this fabric in his stash I bit ( I don't do many challenges- what do you do with the things afterwards???). I was intrigued as to what his interpretation of ugly- uggo- might be and I have to say we are of like minds! For a start i don't like pink, and cute is not my strong suite and this fabric is soooo"cute" that it defies words. What to do??? Well for a start ,see if I can get rid of the pink sort of- although I did want to keep a little to the challenge of actually using this fabric- and then disguise those pigs!!!! Anyhow I then ended up with a pinkish, piggy, blackish tie dyed fabric- my goodness no inspiration arrived and the muse abandoned me- so then I asked myself "What would Matisse have done???" When really really stuck I try and think how a favourite artist might have resolved the issue. I can see Matissse sticking his fingers down his throat in the background as he looks at this and gagging, even his love of fabric would not surmount this or would it? - but hey I did the challenge!

Someone asked about the elastics I use to tie with. The elastics are about half an inch across and I buy them in the Newsagents in bulk- and there is no special way of tieing- just get it on and as tight as you can- I have a grazed finger for my efforts as the elastic rubs across the top of the first joint of my forefinger.

And Sandy.... I am still walking-- have only missed three days- the first day back, Easter friday and one day last week.

The fire chopper with its bucket, has been going back and forth all day- there are a couple of fires up on the ridge and one in the valley- there is no immediate danger near our house and thankfully the wind is quiet, but the air is smokey. Fire restrictions went off yesterday- and today was hot hot hot- so keep away wind- keep away and fire stay away . Collin is going to Apollo Bay to play a gig tonight and will stay overnight rather than drive back and we have still not bought another car- so I am not entirely happy about being here without a car. It is unbelievable that we should have fires at this time of year. Collin would normally be out on a fire like this ( he is in the voilunteer fire brigade- known as the CFA) except he is working, but they must be anxious to put out fires before the forecast wind arrives- hence the chopper.Posted by Hello


Lynne said...

Thanks for the info on the rubber bands - I've been disappointed with the results of some tie dying, probably the bands weren't tight enough.

I like the finished ugly - it looks like blue ring octopi now!

smarcoux said...

Dijanne really glad to hear that your keeping up with your walking that is great news .. i have been moving my walking time up to 1 hour ...found that the half hour was bit to easy..

Hows that wine thing going ?