Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Persephone's Rug for the Underworld

Persephone's rug for the Underworld
This quilt has been a bit slow in the making- i had all the bits of cloth I wanted to use but somehow could not strike a balance. Then this morning on my walk I had an ah ha! moment. There is a creeper fern that growns in some parts of the dense undergrowth- it has very fine fronds that are quite stiff to touch ( so good printing material). For some reason I always think of ferns as some kind of underworld thing. I remember when we first came to Australia we could not believe all the bracken and ferns that grew in the bush in Bonegilla- ferns is not something you see much of in the Netherlands. Ergo I always associate ferns with the underworld because from Europe ,Australia is kind of under the world- well on the other side anyway. So i thought what if I printed some of the fern leaves and then the stripey dyed fabric could be the underworld and so this is Persephone's Rug for the Underworld- which I am sending to the top part of the world for an exhibition.Now to the quilting!

Some of you will have noticed that I have a site meter on my blog- it's been interesting seeing who visits( not that you are identified, but the country of the server is indicated sometimes as well as the time zone). So since being back people from Germany, France, Belgium,The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Switzerland,Italy, Spain the United States, Canada , Argentina, Russia, India, Guam, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand and some more that I cannot recall have visited the blog. I must admit to being a little intrigued as to whom these people are and how they are finding the blog. So please if you have a moment, I would love to know.,Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog via Melody's - which I found by accident while visiting her web site. I am in awe of your work and wish I could see it in person. Wishing you a spring full of creating. Cheers,
Jeannie (Washington State, USA)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dijanne!
I am MargaretR from Wales and feel I know you as we have been on some lists together. I don't quilt but love your work and find it inspirational. Found your blog through Sharon Bogod's site.
best wishes

Kat said...

Hi Dijanne, I found your blog through Jenny Bowker. I did a class with you in Dunedin a couple of years ago and thought that it would be good to catch up with what you are doing through your blog. I appreciate that you are sharing so much with us.
Thanks, Kat

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

I found your blog through the artful quilters blog ring. Love your work!
Lisa in th USA

Anonymous said...

I log on frquently- found your blog from sandy- did the workshop with you in Cambridge - i was the one who didn't do what the rest of the class did.
Brenda UK

michele merges martens said...

I found out about it when you mentioned it on quiltart, I think. I like the way you comment on your creative processes.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found you via In a Minute Ago, although I don't know if it was directly from there to you. I'm a, well, mostly seamstress I guess but I'm sure there will be some point in my life when I do mostly textile art. I love to think in cloth. And I hunt the web for people to think about it with. I enjoy your thoughtfulness.

take care,

Debra said...


Ok, I have a question about the fabric in the bottom of Persephone's rug..

Is that the piece that you showed up soaking in the dye before you went to England? The piece that you promised to later show us when you returned? The piece you never showed us?

(San Francisco bay, Ca.)