Saturday, April 09, 2005

Slow progress

Detail- Breaking all the Rules
Tomorrow I have to go to a quilt show in Tallarook-at the Mechanics Hall from ten until 5five. Also present will be work by Zigzag- Susan Matthews,June Brown and Yvonne Voss and shops and country style morning and afternoon teas.

I have been making slow progress- my room has been occupied by kids and Collin all using my computer. This is very frustrating as I don't like people in my work space when I have a lot of stuff to do- it is bad enough having to run a business and do all my work from a room in the house where I get constantly interrupted- but when people are in my room as well, well then I just go to pieces and so have had a week of achieving little. The pomegranate quilt is coming along slowly.

I have posted some pics of a relatively old quilt of mine called Finally Home Adinkra- it is a homage to adinkra cloth from West Africa but also my attempt at exploring the concept of nothing meeting and yet still creating geometric impact. Of course it is also to some extent my penchant for disobeying rules, and as I am hopeless at making any points meet in anything pieced this was my way of dealing with it.

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Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

I really really like the way the lines don't meet in this quilt. It gives the illusion of curves and is much more exciting than if they matched. Thanks for getting me to look at things in a new way!