Tuesday, April 26, 2005


The reds
Finally- everyone back to school and a day to myself! I did quite a lot of dyeing, mainly blues and reds as I have to wait for more dye to arrive. The blues in the photos are not as nice as they are in the flesh- they actually have quite a lot of turquoise.
I think I have worked out the border for Hellfire XVII- but of course it involves more tie dyeing- so that will take at least another night!
Karen- you asked about my masters work- yes I did get it back eventually- did you see it up? I have no idea what it looked like all together- my space where I work is too small to get any idea. The work has gone off to the photographers as I want to put in for some residency applications as any kind of permanent teaching gig looks unlikely except for summer and winter school type things and of course workshops through quilt organisationsetc . I am teaching a five day workshop at the Murrumbidgee School of Creative Arts
from 3-8 July 2005- in which people will take white cloth , dye it , print it and design their own original quilt and hopefully get pretty close to completing it!

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