Wednesday, April 20, 2005


More auditioning of cloth- this one is indian muslin- very light weight and the length is about 55 inches by 40 inches wide. I intend to hand stitch the entire cloth , in straight or running stitch and I am using a cotton curtaining flannel as my batting- it is lovely and soft to stitch through. I am afraid I am totally besotted by rich rich colour and ethnic textiles. Whilst i was contemplating this one I think another Hellfire fell out of the sky but as I am waiting on more cloth to arrive I can't dye the fabric to see if I can bring off what I am visualising.

I was looking at Sharon Boggon's site In A minute Ago on the weekend and noted that she had posted a link for the website she built for Tilleke Schwartz and noticed that she was participating in a workshop in Finland called Northern Fibres. The website has some very interesting work of all the participants in the workshop which is still to take place- I would really love to do something like this - and enjoy that kind of interaction and stimulation- I often feel isolated here, and there is just me and my computer. I also found the work to be interesting in that it is much more related to fibre rather than textile as such, which got me to pondering- I am hopelessly besotted by textiles ( though I love fibre) but how does textile fit into the kind of contemporary practice as evidenced by the work on the website. How does my work fit into that kind of sphere?- and indeed does it at all?- am I hopelessly stuck on the antiquated side of textiles? What also intrigued me was that apart from Tilleke Schwartz' work no other work really referenced the act of stitching much- by this I mean hand sewing or the act of sewing as such- though other work referenced weaving and knitting- other ways of creating cloth. Is making a quilt an outmoded way of dealing with textile?Posted by Hello


jeannie evans-van hoff said...

Hi Dijanne,
In my humble opinion, I believe your work would fit right in with those in the Northern Fibre exhibit. Your color usage and creativity is amazing and I wish I was as able as you are to translate my ideas to cloth. While the pieces in the exhibit were interesting, none elicited the excitement and wonder in me that your work does. Cheers from one of your fans.

Nicky said...

I don't think that making quilts is an outdated mode of textiles - look at all the artquilters out there!

tilleke Schwarz said...

Dear Dijanne,

just aply for the Northern fibre workshop. No technique is excluded. There will be more chances in 2007 and maybe 2008. Artists in two countries are trying to get funding to organise it in their countries. Northern Fibre is usually announced in the major international textile magazines. Good luck,
Best regards,

Tilleke Schwarz